Why I write articles on blogs…

The pragmatic reason I'm tired of writing articles on blogs is, of course, making money because of this activity. Do not understand that I am a pragmatic nature. I'm not, if I could even have money.

The truth is that most of the time I write for pleasure. As I publicly share my feelings with certain people or situations, I feel that I am free from some burden. When I write for pleasure, not a pragmatic reason at the base of the activity, I do not tire. The words flow smoothly, without getting stuck in my twisted mind.

Time doesn't keep with me when I'm pragmatic and compose texts to earn money. It's like he's trying to run me out of my legs. Every 300 words lose at least one hour of their life.

Time is my friend when I write only to succeed in resetting my mood. Articles written with nerve are usually quite short, but still exceed 150 words. Even so, most of the time I manage to write them on the run, where I find myself, on what I get, without losing too much of the precious while.

I want to tire of writing articles

Write Blog Articles

I recently decided to participate in #superblog. I never got to see my judged in my written articles and I already feel like a winner. This contest helped me find out what is the most appropriate method for me to write pleasant articles.

Now I feel able to compose pretty good advertorial. I discovered that I would like to live from writing. To be broken by fatigue because I've composed articles on various topics for 8 hours a day, but I can do that with my laptop in my arms anywhere in this wide world. So I can always enjoy seeing new places.

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