Who will be the new president-elect?

The Romanian people fall apart, we will disappear as a nation as soon as we are increasingly selfish, and a people cannot exist if the individuals who compose it have nothing in common!

The main role of a leader is to determine his team to work together to achieve a common goal.

Romanians seem to no longer have a common goal. Every Romanian wants things for himself, without realizing that so only a few of them will have to win in the long run.

The President of Romania should be the leader who shows this people a goal and the way to achieve it.

Who should be this president?

Iohannis seems to have the will and common sense, but it does not seem to the skills or even all the necessary means to be required as the leader.

Viorica doesn't have her agenda. It's just a nerve-like, poorly-prepared weave to make the game of some who are smart enough to pull their chestnuts out of the fire with her own hands.

The Barna looks like air. He is an idealist who lives in his bubble, being torn by the reality that will eat him alive once he's in office. If he were to win the election, Barna would become the new generation.

Diaconu is quite parable to cope with such a function, has qualities that lack Iohannis, but appears to be a pawn in the hands of secret services. It's too good to appear where it needs to be. What was his role in December ' 89 on television?

The rest is stuffing, opportunists or idealists without real chances.

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