Who I am

I was born in Romania, in the capital of a country under the leadership of a famous dictator: Ceaușescu. In this regime, my character was formed, under this regime I received my education.

With the fall of the totalitarian regime we hope for a better life. I was hoping to take advantage of all the discoveries and benefits of a technologically advanced civilization. I was hoping to enjoy the freedom to express my views.

But I was wrong!

Only the mechanisms of a sick society have changed. Thus, I found myself completely unprepared in a competitive society, but in which the evolutionary criteria had nothing to do with honesty, seriousness, productivity and other moral values.

Just now, while we are still led by some criminals, I can hope that future generations will have a life as we dreamed.

Until then I write on this blog and offer services as a freelancer while I hope that I will get to benefit from that financial independence that will allow me to write what I really think!