cat costa administrarea unui site

Which are the costs of a website maintenance service?

A lot of businesses have their own website, but many of them are left in the god’s care. I can understand that if the owner don’t need to benefit the maximum from his website. But, if you plan to benefit from your presence on the web at maximum potential, you need to invest time or money to take good care for your website, for keeping actualised content, for optimising his usability end much more …

Problems arise when the site on which you mirror your business no longer represents it. And if this happens because it was hacked, you even have a problem because you can bring (without wanting) harm to those who visit your site and if you do not fix the problem in a timely manner, the site may be penalized by search engines.

How much does cost site maintenance?

The minimum wage for the economy is now, in Romania, £358.41, but it’s hard to find someone to handle 8 hours a day from your site for a salary of less than £570 monthly.

If you need someone to manage your website or online store, but you can not afford to hire someone for this activity, you can take a look at this site management pricing offer, you can find solve this problem!

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