ce se întampla-in siria

What’s happening in Syria?

I have not been able to keep track of the news, but recently I heard something about a chemical weapons attack and the determination of the US to take drastic measures.

What's happening in Syria?Syria seems to be a keg of dust getting hotter. I do not realize the interest that underlies the urgency of the Russians and Americans to exert their influence in that area. I knew that oil was, as a rule, the apple of discord in the Middle East, but fossil fuels will be over soon.

It would be better for Mankind to have these two superpowers working together to serve the interests of citizens, whether Syrian, Russian, American, or otherwise … They have the power to do so, and there should not be antagonistic disputes to this level.

Mankind has evolved enough to be able to dream of colonizing other planets, yet we are not able to tame each other!

Will I get to see the first foot of Human on Mars, or will I have to live the horrors of a new world war? What do you think?

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