What is happening in Hong Kong can affect us…

The Hong Kong protests can always take an unexpected twist. This can affect each of us, because China represents the world's largest economic power. I do not know whether the escalation of a conflict in the area and its consequences will change our lives in the river or for the better, the fact is that, regardless of the outcome, a shock wave will propagating into the world economy.

You don't have to be a great analyst to realize that sudden changes in China's economy will affect the whole world, because a large part of the products we use every day are produced in China. You just have to imagine how your budget would affect a major expensive of these products!

We are not in a position to judge, understand or interfere in the backstage games that underpin this crisis. There are other players from another league who can intervene in this game either to stabilize the situation or to draw their own spout on their own turt. There are plenty of chances that nothing notable is going to happen in the near future, but still?

If mankind's need for consumption will have to be satisfied without the contribution of Chinese producers, money will have to be invested in other production capacities in other areas of the globe. There will be relatively cheap workforce countries that will try to take full advantage of this situation. Many states could benefit from this need for the relocation of production capacities and, as there will be fierce competition to attract investors seeking solutions, will win those states that will be able to provide stability, predictability and Certain tax facilities.

Is Romania ready to take advantage of such an opportunity? Not. We're not predictible enough. We don't have transport infrastructure. We don't have enough skilled manpower. We only have a certain advantage through the geographic position.

Could we take advantage, though? Unless we move fast enough to get rid of the obstacles to investors. For that we only need a responsible political class, and that depends on us, those who have one responsibility, to put the stamp on the ballot when elections are held.

To think about:

  • What do you think might happen if the UN decides to apply an economic embargo to China?
  • Would the UN have the power to apply such a decision if it were to be imposed?

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