What do you do when you have a terribly bad toothache?

The first thought that comes to mind is to wash your teeth to try to remove food debris that could cause your pain, sugar is known as the main culprit in such situations.

Cold water can relieve your pain for a while … then get something inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, antineuralgic, aspirin, ketoprofen, paracetamol. Probably noticed that I missed two drugs frequently used in such situations: Algocalmin and Aulin. These two drugs are banned in some countries due to the adverse effects they may cause are not doctors and can not give too many details, but there is Google for more information.

There are herbal remedies, things that have to sit on the gum in the painful area and have soothing for some people: garlic, alcohol, pepper, vanilla or what not … but for me, the best natural painkiller was a funny article with hundreds of comments of peers who have been through the same ordeal, reading the article I was distracted from terrible toothache enough for ibuprofen to take effect.

All these remedies are temporary, all fear of the dentist would lie in you, the only remedy remains long terme visit to the dental office.

I hope one day to hit tooth fairy with the ax teeths those of Insurance of Health and the Ministry of Health in order to achieve all how much the economy would be in the budget if it includes all dental services on the list off be settled services, since many other diseases occur because people can not afford a visit to the dentist.

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