We live in apocalyptic times

After a pandemic in which the authorities have taken many absurd measures, confusing people’s hope, the time has come when an entire planet is blackmailed by one man. One man, at the end of his earthly existence, allows himself to threaten the existence of human civilization if he is not allowed to carry out his abominable plans.

These are clear signs that human civilization has reached a turning point from which it cannot find its way to a peaceful and dignified future without letting Our Savior manifest His presence among us.

I began to hear people telling themselves that the time has come for Jesus to come down to Earth to make peace. These people are bitterly mistaken, even though they call themselves “believers.”

Jesus is among us, but we prevent Him from manifesting Himself, from making His mark on our actions. We keep the Savior safe in our souls and do not want to allow Him to do the Good He is capable of.

God is in each of us and Jesus has sown himself in the heart of every man since 2000 years ago, through the teachings he left and that we stubbornly ignore or twist.

God sent His son to give us back the key from the gates of Heaven, and we either look puzzled at it or drive it out of our way. Love is the key to the gates of Heaven, love of neighbor, self-love and it is very beautifully mentioned in the Holy Book this precious Teaching: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”.

We must allow ourselves to be gripped by better feelings: compassion, forgiveness and love in order to succeed in changing the fate of human civilization.

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