There was a big storm last night…

I saw that today everyone wrote about the storm that caused damage in Bucharest and even ended lives (a couple burned in their own house hit by lightning).

The most hallucinatory story about last night's storm seems to me that of the children left for 8 hours on a train near Fundulea because the CFR director did not find a solution to the problem of transhipment of 1000 passengers in the middle of the night. You mean there were no 50 coaches found in Bucharest to bring travelers to their destination in decent conditions faster? Ok. You were making a phone call to STB SA and asking for 20 buses for 3 hours, didn't STB SA have the capacity to get 20 buses on the road in minutes?!

I think that there was no desire for greater involvement, people were content to make phone calls to ask the trees to leave the railway because in their minds only a locomotive can bring 1000 in Bucharest, and as we well know, locomotives can not jump over trees!

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