War knocks on the door… and famine

After the title, you might think I’m scared of bombs, but I’m not. I’m scared of the stupidity of those who lead us. I don’t necessarily mean ours… we are not even the most unhappy on Earth. I am amazed to see that all mankind has gone downhill, from all points of view.

Masters of the univers
It’s like I had a premonition 11 years ago…

Each of us, every corner of nature, every insect in itself is a masterpiece of the universe, yet we humans have managed to let ourselves be carried away by selfish feelings in a spiral of self-destruction.

As time goes on, I realize that it may not have been for our species to enjoy the wonders of this universe. Perhaps there are other civilizations in other parts of the universe that have the wisdom to enjoy what has been offered to them. We do not. We fail to put the common good before the individual good.

I am glad that we have lived through the revolutionary times in which technology has evolved spectacularly, but I regret that there is the possibility of living in the time of mankind’s decline.

How can we change the world for the better?

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