Vehicle Blackbox DVR | atypical review

My Vehicle Blackbox DVR has arrived. I used it and even put a movie on YouTube that contains sequences captured with it. Even if it is edited very badly, the film is worth watching because we put the most interesting sequences in the second part of it.

I don’t want to apologize for the quality of the film: that’s all it could be!

Opinions about “Vehicle Blackbox DVR”

I haven’t “unboxed” and I don’t think I’ll ever do that. But as they say: never say never, I would make an exception for a Honda Civic Type R.

But let’s get back to our cheap DVR and I’ll start with the regrets:

  • I couldn’t find a data cable in the package
  • what I received is just a failed copy of this product.
  • you can’t make many settings, and when you succeed you need to be prepared to repeat the steps each time the camera is turned on
  • It shoots HD (720p), acceptable during the day, it’s almost useless at night.
  • charging is done directly to the lighter, but the plug is quite coarse and does not stay fixed all the time.


  • cheap: 12€ with delivery .
  • records
  • supports microSD cards with capacities between 8 and 32 GB, and 32 GB is enough to record 8 hours of driving
  • It can also be used as a webcam with a suitable data cable
  • The suction cup holder is really good

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