The little "Great Adventure" is over…

The Great Adventure that we announced in the article a few days ago ended well, leaving us in an emotionally complicated state: we have some regrets that there was more, happiness for the joys lived, the desire to repeat experiences and so on.m.

map-joy-orsovaThe first stage of this adventure began on July 5, 2021 when, a little later than I anticipated, I left Bucharest around 9:30 a.m. with the Waze set to show me the best way to Orsova.

Everything went normally on the roads, without too many unpleasant incidents, only two animals bothered me to Orsova: a Teleorman ox that was coming from my face on the wrong side of the road at high speed and forced me to stop to allow him to return to his lane and a wide neck of Bulgarian who necessarily wanted to stand 1-2 meters behind me a large part of the road from Drobeta Turnu Severin until to Orsova although I didn't go exactly like a snail either. This TIR with Bulgarian numbers has shown me that the 90 km/h are just bedtime stories …

The funny part of this first day was that we were called from the reception of the hotel where I had the reservation made just as I had stopped to see where I should go. Although I had booked two weeks before and even paid in advance through a travel agency, I went on the road without looking at where the hotel was located, which I knew only had a bird's name.

It was only by chance that we were called from theFlamingo Residencereception just as we were looking in the emails for confirmation of the reservation being stopped just 150 metres from it.

It was late, it was almost 4:30 p.m. and the guests couldn't get there, so they decided to get their hands on the phone and find out what was wrong. Nice gesture!

So, we did 6 hours and 20 minutes from home to Orsova with two stops on the way: at the Montana gas station in The Village of Peretu, near the Reds, where we lingered for about 45 minutes to fill the tank, have a breakfast and a coffee and a little stop (about 15 minutes) at the entrance to Drobeta Turnu Severin where we emptied our "tanks"!

After we checked in and rebuilt our forces, we also took a little walk along the Danube to get an idea of how to spend our time in the days to come.

The second stage was quite pleasant and rich in activities. We woke up thinking about a little danube cruise. How else to enjoy the beauty of the Danube Boilers?

Although our mind was busy processing the thrills of this little boat ride on the Danube, we decided that the day could not end with just these memories, so we decided to go up the banks of Cerna and discover the Herculane Baths.

The small resort famous for its sulphurous water springs is in a paragon, however traces of the intention to renovate certain historical monuments are seen. The landscape offered by the Cerna Valley is superb, so we spent all afternoon but also the next day crossing the small village:

In these walks, two places reminded me of my childhood: a fixed phone with a card (inoperable) and an inscription from the Golden Age: "Proletarians from all countries, unite!"

The rest of the places in Baile Herculane bring to your attention the glorious traces left by the Austro-Hungarian and Roman Empires.

The adventure is not over here, I will continue the article with stories and images from other spectacular places!

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