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T-mobile customer service in Romania

This post is a translation of a older post about Telekom Romania – it is was my opinion at that moment. Now the situation may not be the same.

Do you want to call customer relations with Telekom (Romanian version of T-Mobile)?

Just think a minute before you call!

Important: To call free of charge use the Telverde Phone number: 0800.825.425. They do not promote this number because they do not like it! If you use 1921 on your mobile you will be charged very much!

The strong wind from Friday night to Saturday caused some damage. For example, since then, I have no fixed phone or Internet from Romtelecom. A cable that sprouted out of the ground to stay hanging in the wind blew nervously and broke away leaving a few subscribers without renowned communications services.

On Saturday, I quietly waited for someone at Telekom to self-address and fix the problem. On Sunday morning I still hoped this, but in the afternoon I said that it would not hurt to make a referral to Romtelecom’s customer relations, I give a search to Google and find the number: 1921, but how can I call? Theoretically, Vodafone and T-Mobile have low rates tariffs for calling wireline network of Romtelecom but, in fact, for the short phone numbers the rates are surprisingly high.

I try my luck and use my GSM phone to call. That’s how I find out, using my money, from a robot who is trying to get the more time on the conversation, that Telekom has a VIP complaint service, some nomber who is starting with 903, 904, where you can call and someone immediately answers you happy that another suicide has decided to give up some euros in favor of the company they work on, they have not fooled me because I decided to give up for the moment and try sometimes later, when I guessed they will not be so busy.

I finally managed to announce my landline phone as being disturbed and with out costing me no more than 75 cents, but for nothing!

Even after weeks, the phone line has not been repaired, I have called them today to thank for their “prompt” intervention.

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