Sweating cannot replace the inspiration

Inspiration-vs-SweatingMost Of the time I'm looking for some ideas for blog articles, however, regardless of the efforts made, the inspiration does not show.

That's how I came to the idea that "Sweating can't replace inspiration." We have also found the time of the age that the best articles come from a sick inspiration, emanation from intense experiences, sometimes even caused by negative feelings like hatred or envy. It May seem curious that I am revealing these little "secrets", but they are pure truths, they represent me, even if I do not wish to do so.

With much work the inspiration can be helped.

When you work a lot, it makes it easier for you to place the words started from a moment's inspiration, because you get a certain skill in manipulating words, it increases the speed with which you turn the key touches into words, and you manage to Materialise your ideas before your inspiration is removed from different external factors.

The Bottom line is that Sweating helps the inspiration, but it can't replace it.

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