Rubin โ€“ the perfect detail for an unforgettable outfit!

gold ring with ruby on the finger The red of a genuine ruby is the color that will make you stand out in any context in which you might be put. Unfortunately, building a balanced and attractive outfit is not easy at all, and often the beauty of rubies jewelry is not enhanced. To help our readers, we wrote this article, which will teach you how and when to wear a ruby jewel. Our TV Partners have prepared 3 special tips to apply when you want your outfit to attract attention and stay in everyone's memory. Here's what you need to do!

Why are rubies the perfect choice when you want to stand out?

Intense redshades are often associated with confident people who want to stand out when they are in a group. That's why it's no wonder that ruby jewelry is a piece of jewelry that makes you stand out! The red color they wear creates a strong contrast with all non-colors, a visual effect that attracts attention.

How to enhance ruby jewelry?

When you want to build your perfect outfit around a ruby jewel, you need to keep a few things in mind:

1. Choose simple clothes!

If you want to stand out, you need the ruby to be the star of your outfit! For this, we advise you to choose clothes in simple colors, without prints that load visually. Often, a simple black dress or a white blouse will enhance the glow of your jewel with red gemstones.

2. You can also choose colorful clothes!

Although you can't fail by choosing non-colors, you don't have to just stick to white, black or gray. The color palette is a tool that can help you when you don't know which shades to choose for your outfit. Starting from the ruby color, red, you can choose a complementary color (green) or an analog color (orange, purple) for the rest of the pieces.

3. Watch out for the metal jewel!

Even if the ruby fits perfectly, with any type of metal (gold or silver) you must consider the whole outfit. Silver is more suitable for cold colors (blue, pink), while gold should be worn alongside earthy colors (brown, beige, green).

However, remember that too complex clothing will distract from the centerpiece, which gives you a special elegance, the jewel with ruby.

Fortunately, rubies are very versatile, which can adapt to any style. The elegance they exude should not be associated only with extremely formal events; it can be integrated into your everyday outfits.

If you want to add a piece of jewelry to your collection to get everyone's attention, choose a ruby one! On the Jewelry TV website you can find dozens of such accessories, with precious stones in various shapes that impress. We advise you to place your order right now, because the stock is limited!

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