Radioaventura ZU with the phone on the wheel!

I entered the ZU Radio website out of curiosity to see how and what images are being broadcast live, somewhat with the thought of the Great Adventure that I have not yet fully described for lack of time.

My stupor was big enough to notice how, nonchalantly, the man behind the wheel of authorulote ZU was using the phone.

If you're a star and you want to be an human, take on the position of a man who educates his followers and doesn't button his phone while driving, not because it's illegal, not because you wouldn't be able to drive while buttoning your phone, but so as not to set a bad example for those who admire you and try to copy your every gesture. Otherwise you will have on your conscience the suffering caused by the lack of attention of another unconscious who is more concerned with the phone than with driving!

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