We all have a hard time…

These are hard times. Troubled times where everything is, like, upside down. We worry about detainees who have atoned their punishment under heavy conditions, and we have representatives who have thought to repay them by a few thousand euros to those who have been under improper conditions in penitentiaries. I know it's not normal for 30 inși to be crammed into a cell, but it's like they knew this when they decided to break the law. I am not saying not to give them, we give them, but to reward them financially and those who live under improper conditions in Romania, in freedom being, because we are not able to offer them decent living conditions. Do you see this child? He's got a dog! He sits and endures a late winter in the navel of Bucharest. Why does the Romanian state offer a financial compensation of several hundred euros a month? Because he is so beaten by fate that he cannot sue the Romanian state to the ECHR!

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