A school in Bucharest burned down!

Luckily, the fire at the 124 school broke out in the middle of the night.

You know what’s weird? Management plan posted on the site.

The management plan does not write anything about the installation of smoke detectors, fire extinguishing systems, ensuring access to the area of fire extinguishing vans… Not even at the point called pompous: “Target 3. Creating a climate of physical safety and spiritual freedom” in which they are mentioned only: textbooks, didactic materials and stimulating educational climate.

Target 4 of the management plan of this school is hilarious: “Promoting the image of the school unit, locally, nationally and internationally”. This target has was accomplished. This school unit has come to the attention of local, national and international media, but not because of the site they built according to the Managerial plan, i.e. stupid, but because of the incompetence of a management team with a old and bad mentality.

The spokesperson for the School inspectorate shows that this antiquated mentality is promoted from the Gouvrnement, its main concern being to ensure that the national evaluation and closure of the school year will be carried out According to the timetable, while I, as a parent, would like to know that as of today, no child will be forced to stand for even an hour in a building that does not meet the necessary safety conditions, even if it means that the school year Be frozen for the next 2-3 months.

Something intrigues me. Many school units in Sector 5 have been “rehabilitated” by the mayor of Sector 5 with the money earmarked by a Lady minister who is now hiding in Costa Rica. In this sector of the capital a school burned down, another one fell the false ceiling after “renovation”, another began to catch the color rust…

You who send your children to school, do you prefer to respect the calendar of the school year or the physical safety of your children?

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