Military confrontation between Russia or NATO in the Ukraine crisis?

Today’s CBS interview with President Barack Obama reveals that he does not believe there is a possibility of any military confrontation between Russia or NATO in the Ukraine crisis.

No, I don’t think there’s going to be a military confrontation between NATO and Russia, although we have worked very hard to reassure that Article Five of the NATO treaty means what it says


Russian officials accuse NATO, claiming that they have made threats to and taken hostile actions since Russia launched its aggression against Ukraine. This website outlines the facts.

Allies agreed to Russia as the greatest threat to their security, and to peace and stability within the Euro-Atlantic. Russia’s war in Ukraine has broken up peace in Europe. NATO cannot consider Russia our partner because of its hostile actions and policies. NATO doesn’t seek confrontation with Russia. The Alliance will continue to respond to Russian actions and threats in a responsible and united manner.

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