I've had COVID…

At the first RT-PCR test I did since the pandemic started, the result was positive. That's right not crazy I decided to give 189 lei on a test, but because I didn't feel really ok.

It's been a week since I first started to have my first symptoms, and although I feel much better, I still haven't recovered. I still have some muscle pain, irritated nose and a dry, very troublesome cough.

11 months ago I stayed at home for 14 days as a "direct contact", now I have the honor of changing the "quarantine" with "isolation" being the possessor of a positive result.

If last year we interacted quite well with the DSP through contact forms and we received the isolation and quarantine decisions very quickly, this year we found that the STS has wagged its tail by making a "CoronaForms" application. I have not yet been the subject of an epidemiological investigation following which to officially issue quarantine and isolation decisions. It is true that I received an SMS informing me of the positive result along with the recommendation to "stay in the house" and contact the family doctor!

Symptomatic treatment of Covid

I treated myself as for any virosis: Paracetamol, Vitamin C, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, more by ear because the family doctor, although he asked his nurse to call me every few days to find out how I feel anymore, did not prescribe me a specific medication.

My advice would be to contact a doctor you trust in order to get a treatment appropriate to your situation.

The best treatment this week of babbling was Netflix, which helped me remove my dark thoughts and fear of death throughout this period.

Covid-19 Symptoms

I had severe muscle pain for 4 – 5 days, fever up to 37.8 for 2-3 days, in addition, for up to 7 days I had: dizziness, fatigue, lack of concentration, eye pain, irritated airways. Honestly, I haven't been in such a bad mood since November 2019. All these symptoms prevented me from productively opening my laptop to this day.

Now, because I can give myself to my projects, I will continue to set up a second-hand computer store, a business in which I have begun to invest energy in recent weeks, precisely in the idea of working on my own and avoiding propounding myself with viruses of all kinds.

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