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How do you give a hole in glass, mirror, plate or other ceramic objects?

Drill for GlassI needed to give a few holes in a mirror to catch her in the shurures of a piece of CHIPBOARD. I didn't want to use double-sided tape because in time it would have destroyed the paint on the back of the glass along with the silver layer and the mirror would have fallen.

For this operation I bought from Leroy Merlin a glass drill that I gave 5 lei and a little.

Some tips, from experience gained:

  • Take a few samples before you get to make holes in the glass, I broke the mirror to a 2 hole and I had to shrink it.
  • Do not push the border, let it press with its own weight.
  • Use a low rotational speed and ensure proper cooling of the drill and glass. If the bottle warms in one point it expands unevenly and cracks

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