How does lemon balm (melissa officinalis) look like?

I have two lemons that have just blossomed. I have searched for details of this plant and discovered that the volatile oils produced by it would have some medicinal properties.

On a Romanian site I also found the Latin name of Lemon – Melissa Officinalis but also a picture that resembles exactly what I have in the yard, but when I searched for information on Wikipedia about Melissa Officinalis I saw totally different plants in pictures.

I would venture to use my Lemon in teas if I knew it was Lemon, because I read that the tea made from its leaves have beneficial effects on the digestive system and more:

The plant is also cherished due to its antispasmodic, gas-elimination effect. Lemon can also be administered in case of liver and bile problems. After the flu tonifies and strengthens the body. The alcohol extract is very good in case of insomnia, namely heart and intestinal problems.

Here’s what the flowers of the plant I suspect are Lemon:


and so it looks like Melissa Officinalis on Wikipedia:

melissa officinalis wikipedia

It’s like the two plants are not the same, and I do not know what’s true. 🙁

I found the answer to my dilema:

I have in the garden a sort of plant which is also popularly called in some areas as Jasmine Lemon, but her latin name is “Philadelphus Coronarius” – English dogwood.

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