How do I get more visitors to my blog?

There are new blogs with hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a day, but there are also old blogs that do not even have 10 unique visitors a day.

There should be a difference between blogs with many visitors and blogs with a large community. There may be websites or blogs with a lot of traffic brought by search engines, social networks or CPC campaigns but not having an active community around them. This blog does not have a community, nor did I propose to gather readers who share my ideas with a reader community, although the blog has a FaceBook page with several hundreds of followers.

If a media channel (newspaper, YouTube channel, site, blog, radio station, or TV) has a community of people involved in commenting on and bringing content, that media channel is more likely to sell, form opinions and currents of opinion.

To develop such a media channel is a great need for talent, flair and seriousness. It’s not my case. I do not have the skills to create such a media channel.

Now you are probably wondering why I’m writing blogs if I know I’m not good enough to excel in this area, right?

I’m attracting this new science called SEO. I try all kinds of methods and strategies to learn the underdevelopments of this. You can not play with search engine optimization if you do not have content to promote.

Where from visitors can come?

Visitors brought organically by search engines, without the benefit of paid campaigns, can be attracted by optimizing for certain keywords.

There may be expressions that are highly sought after and for which a web page can be easily optimized, with little competition. This way you can easily bring a lot of visitors to a site, but most likely, those visitors will not be interested in buying anything, so that traffic can not easily be monetized.

There is also a method of keywords or expressions that are not very often searched, but those who use them are in the category of those interested in buying something. In this case, as a rule, the competition is very high, the optimization is hard and the traffic is irrelevant, it can count on the visitors so obtained, but these visitors will bring a similar income to that brought by thousands of visitors from other sites.

Visitors from keyword-targeted CPC campaigns behave as in the case of organic search, the only difference between the two methods of attracting traffic and monetizing it is the ratio between the amount of money spent and the period of the time they feel the benefits of that expense.

Visitors who compose the close community around a media channel have the opportunity to be able to recognize a brand or product and usually provide a faster and more accurate feed-back on the products and services presented. Another great advantage of this kind of visitors is that they form currents of opinions, can influence other people in the decision to buy something or not.

How do I promote my blog or my site?

The most important aspect of the promotion is the usefulness of the content. Regardless of the site or blog, the person who manages it must always have the following two words: utility and accessibility.

These two features of content are the basis for optimization for search engines because they are the ones that lead to the formation of communities, and search engines will always try to bring to the forefront the most useful content.

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