gyre, gyres

Gyres – What is a gyre? The usage of gyres.

I don’t speak English very well and I found a very strange word for me: gyre. It’s strange because a lot of Romanian words are related with that one, like “sens giratoriu” who’s meaning is “roundabout”, however, there is no correspondent of this word in Romanian.

I found a definition of this word with Google Translate:
gyre, gyres

Below is a list of the uses of the word gyres that i found with some help from Google:

  • Zones of minimum upwelling occur in the central regions of the oceans known as the gyres .
  • The movement hasn’t been more like a series of wiggly gyres .
  • Currents flow in large rotating loops called gyres .
  • .. turning in their gyres .

It’s that word frequently used or there are other synonyms of gyre who are more commonly used?

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