digital to analog audio converter from eBay

Digital to Analog Audio Converter

I took an LG TV cheat, which does not have analog audio output even for headphones. The Sound on the TV would be perfect if it also could play frequencies lower than 100 Hz. As He doesn't, I thought I'd attach an audio system.

An audio system that has optical input is, however, quite expensive, more expensive than the TV I could say!

Optical digital Audio Converter to analog RCATo be able to connect a 2.1 audio system from an older computer I had to get a converter from Digital Optic to Audio Analog through RCA outputs.

There are also in the stores from Romania such gadgets, but stingy of yarn, I preferred to pay less then a quarter of the price, making the purchase directly from China.

Two months Later, my device arrived. It Works perfectly. It'S got everything: USB power cable, Toslink optical Cable. As soon as I unpacked it, I connected it to the USB jack on the TV, I muted the optical cable and plugged it into the audio system through the RCA jacks, and now I have enough for the small room where the TV is placed!

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