Why is there chaos in Afghanistan?

The situation in Afghanistan shows us that there are people who are going at their own pace and people who want to shoot the mob after them. In recent decades Humanity has developed enormously technologically largely due to scientific discoveries. The major problem that has arisen is due to the inability of some to adapt to new realities. There are people who live in the Middle Ages in terms of knowledge and social organization, and others who have already stepped into the era of space tourism.

I do not want to offend anyone, because we, the Romanians, do not sit very well in this chapter either. In our country, too, there are enough of those who still live in the Middle Ages, especially due to the exaggerated conservatism shown by the Orthodox Church Romanian. In our country, only the slightly more decent standard of living and the unhindered access to information have helped that society not to be so divided, but we are not too far from that threshold.

In Afghanistan, westerners wanted to impose a modern state on a population that was not prepared to accept it. As the costs of maintaining some balance in Afghanistan became unbearable, Westerners withdrew and left the opportunity of the loudest in the fist to seize power.

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