How much longer can the price of electricity rise?

We have been witnessing lately a gloom on the face of some electricity suppliers, this against the background of the state's inability to create market mechanisms that keep prices at a decent level.

I've heard about prices up to 4 lei / kWh?! for the household consumer … Where did those suppliers get those prices from, I don't know. I know that there are ways to generate your own electricity that are much more efficient, even if they are not exactly environmentally friendly …

three-phase generator 21kw

A professional 21kW three-phase electric generator , which could satisfy the consumption of at least 12 families, can produce electricity with costs of up to 1.70* lei / kWh even with the current cost of fuels, provided that the energy is consumed efficiently.

The initial investment in such a source of electricity would not be as large as in the case of solar systems, it would be enough about 3000 lei by the family to purchase this generator.

I know, should a space, drawn wires, understanding between householders … things that are harder to do with our mentality as Romanians.


An individual alternative, such as the 3kW single-phase electric generator, it could produce electricity for a household at the price of 2.2* lei / kWh. I know that the price may seem quite steep, but rather than sitting at the hand of a supplier who will impose a price of 4 lei / kWh, you better manage yourself, on your own, carrying gasoline and oil, bearing a little noise and smoke.

As I said before, I would not like Romanians to resort en masse to such alternatives in order to secure their electricity. This would mean that the national energy system would have a strong impact, the environment would not be happy at all, nor would I see the price of fuel rosy in such a situation.


A fair price of electricity in the current conditions should not exceed 80 bani / kWh at any supplier in the national energy network, since the energy sold by them is not produced so inefficiently and is not based on diesel or gasoline, but in the worst case fuel oil or coal.

How did I get to the price of 80 bani/kWh?!

If individually, using automotive fuels, the price can decrease depending on the production from 2.2 lei/kWh if we produce 2.6 kW, to 1.7 lei/kWh in the case of a plant with a power of 10 times higher, the average cost of electricity produced on an industrial scale, both from non-renewable and renewable energy sources, should not exceed 0.50 lei/kWh.

Any supplier who dares to bill more does nothing but steal money from the pocket of its customers.

The baliverns of the governors with the capping of the price of electricity at 1leu / kWh are nothing more than wind noises.

*) prices calculated on the basis of the average hourly consumption declared by the producer

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