New car or sh?

Some time ago I also came to the conclusion that my personal car is a necessary luxury.

Thus I became the new holder of a driver's license and Renault Megane 2 Break.

After 7 months of driving 8000 km from the wheel of a car sh quite reliable and cheap to maintain, I think I can express my opinion on the dilemma: new car or sh?

The first conclusion would be that you should not skimp when it comes to the safety of yourself and others. When you have a 15-year-old sh car, safety can cost you about 220€ a month.

The pothole-riddled roads make you take out thousands of lei annually for bar heads, steering rods, pointing rims, tires, rocking, windshield and more …

Many of these unforeseen expenses would no longer be necessary if I chose instead of owning a sh car, being the owner of a lease and, by implication, the user of a new vehicle.

That's why I decided to start studying the opportunities to get into possession of a new vehicle that would give me both comfort and safety without pocketing more than $1,100 a month.

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