Bikes at the subway

Someone has invested a lot to develop a new bike-sharring system.

Now there are a few Pegasus bikes at every subway entrance. They are equipped with a fairly well-established anti-theft system and can be reserved and unlocked using a mobile application.

You can use such a bike for short trips through Bucharest If you have a smartphone and a Visa or Mastercard card with something pennies on it.

What do you have to do?
How do you take-bike-ape-rider-de-la-MetroDownload Ape Rider app from Google Play or AppStore, scan the QR code to unlock the anti-theft system, use the bike as much as you need (price is 1.9 lei/30 minutes), then return it to one of the virtual parking lots marked on the map in Application. To complete the use you must manually block the anti-theft system.

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