Are we Sorry that the Ceaușescu cuple was executed?

The Ceaușescu cuple was executed illegally. They were entitled to a fair trial. Perhaps the comunist party members in the second row would not have been able to pass many of the avuțiile of Romania as their own property.

Revolution-December-1989Even now, after 29 years, we should find out the truth.
Why did Ion Iliescu and his folks have to invent ghosts with the help of causing innocent people to kill other innocent people?
To justify a heinous crime, committed with a mock trial, perhaps fulfilling only job tasks.

Lying in jail, the Ceaușescu cuple would have truly received the punishment they deserved for the way they acted in power, but could speak. They had incriminating information about many of those who had the power, perhaps point 8 of Timişoara would have had more chance of being implemented, and Romania would have had the chance of a clean political class!

Now Ion Iliescu has nothing to lose. He could redeem all his mistakes if he will tell the naked truth unvarnished about those shady days!

As you cannot build a solid house on a rotten foundation, you cannot build any solid democracy without removing the rot of those bleak days in our history!

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