Au existat extratereștri?

Are there alien beings? Aliens exist or, at least, they existed!

Strange is that many people are opposed to the idea that alien beings may exist. Most of them are the religious persons, although the vast majority of holy books, and the Bible is no exception, say just this: the fact that there are superior, intelligent, extraterrestrial beings who have guided, at least, mankind.

Many religions even claim that the existence of the earth and all beings on it is due to the actions of those extraterrestrial beings.

I asked several Christian faithful, even priests, if God is an alien. Most times I have been accused of “taking the name of the Lord in laughter,”that God is Almighty and blah, blah, blah, and that he can not be extraterrestrial because he is like us, because he has so conceived us “after His image and likeness”.

According to the first chapter of the Bible – Genesis – God created the Earth. By logical deduction God existed before the Earth, so it does not originate on Earth. If we assume that the things written in the Bible are true, we can say that God is an intelligent being of extraterrestrial origin.

There are too many signs that indicate the intervention of higher intelligent beings of extraterrestrial origin in our civilization to further say that we are the first and most intelligent beings in the universe.

I think we are not alone in the Universe, but we are not yet smart enough to accept this!

Aliens exist or, at least, they existed! Hieroglyphs representing aircraft and modern vehicles Abydos, Egypt » Source of picture:[/caption

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