A big red star

Last night I looked at the sky a little. I saw the moon. A little lower and to the right a red light that seemed too strong to be a star and too still to come from the aircraft. In just a few moments the sun passed completely below the horizon, the red light easily turned into a star like all the stars that appeared in the sky.

I was upset that I was not inspired to immortalize the “phenomenon”, then I tried to find out what I saw. Nothing I found on the internet convinced me 100%, but I found an image that is strikingly similar to the one I saw:

Photo source: rmg.co.uk

I was left with two possible options to explain the phenomenon:

  • a celestial body that has become less and less visible due to changes in the atmosphere. probably a planet, I’m not really passionate about astronomy to know if I’m right or not.
  • a satellite that for a short time reflected the sunlight fixed in the direction I was in, the sun had just set. Maybe even ISS…

I never wished that I had been better informed about the celestial map and the positions of the planets. Have you noticed such phenomena that intrigue you?

If it is clear, I will watch the sky tonight to see if the phenomenon repeats itself. Maybe I can figure out where the light is coming from too…

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